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3 Things You Must Do To Have A Big Impact OnlineOnline Lead Generation – Laying the Foundation – Part 1

One of the biggest myths about Internet Marketing is “if you build it, they will come.”

I remember creating my Facebook page and wondering why no one was liking it. Then creating my blog, writing great articles, and wondering where all of the traffic was.

Although the Internet is one of the best ways to generate fresh, targeted leads, there are a few foundational things that you must learn and master, to have a great impact online, and to have loads of traffic actually come, when you put your content out there.

3 Things You Must Do To Have A Big Impact Online

1. Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is more than just a logo or a pretty picture. It’s YOU, INC. The essence of you. It’s why people want to do business with you. Here’s the truth. People want to do business with you because they know, like and trust YOU. It may have a little to do with your products or services (if they’re specifically looking for them) but not much.

2. Consistency Is Key

You must be consistent in everything you do. To have a strong Internet presence, you must engage in some marketing activity consistently. This may push you out of your comfort zone, but I can tell you from personal experience that people want to hear from you. You can start being consistent with one thing, like posting on your favorite social network, blogging, or actually networking online. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do first.  Choose something that actively builds your business and do it.

3. You Must Be Present

Back in October 2014, I challenged myself to wake up at 4:30AM every weekday. I took the challenge one step further and decided that I would share morning thoughts with my friends on Facebook. Before this, I didn’t post much on Facebook, I lurked. When I started making myself present, people began to respond to me. Now, there are people who share my post daily, who comment and like my posts every day, and who reach out to me if they don’t see my posts. I’ve built a tribe just by being present AND consistent.

In this Online Lead Generation series, we’re going to build your online presence so that you’re generating leads based on a solid foundation so that no matter what happens, you will have the skills, knowledge, and tools in place to build the life of your dreams.

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