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Ask Malia Facebook Profile vs PageWelcome to Ask Malia! I’m so excited to launch this new feature of my blog. Thank you for stopping by. Today’s question comes from my friend and colleague Rebecca Garcia. Rebecca is a women’s growth coach, coaching women in business, in life, and in faith, all over the country. She helps entrepreneurs take their vision from a dream to reality (

Rebecca’s question:

I’ve heard several schools of thought on having a fanpage vs. using a personal page.

Since I have close to 1,000 followers on my personal page, does it make sense to have a fanpage as well and try to convert and build, or continue to speak to and build my audience via my personal page.

Here’s what I say:

1. It is against Facebook’s terms of service to use your personal profile for commercial purposes.

I’ve had clients call at 6:00AM because they can no longer login to their Facebook account. I would hate for this to happen to you. In the land of Facebook, it’s not innocent until proven guilty, it’s guilty until Facebook decides that you’ve learned your lesson. If you’re going to market your business on Facebook, my advice is to play by their rules.

2. Facebook personal profiles have a limit as to the number of friends you are allowed.

5,000 is the magic number. Personal profiles may not exceed more than 5,000 friends. As you’re marketing your business and building your audience, the day will come when you can no longer accept friend requests. Then what? My advice is to start building your following now, on a business page so that you can enjoy an unlimited amount of followers.

3. Facebook business pages have insights!

This is the most exciting feature of Facebook’s business pages. As a marketer, the numbers are exciting to me. They should be exciting to you too! You need to know how many people see your post, how many engage, what they’re engaging with, what time they’re engaging, etc. This is important to know because your time and resources are not limitless. To maximize your effectiveness on Facebook, you must know your numbers.

These are my top 3 reasons for creating a business page as opposed to continuing to build a personal profile for business. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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