My Lead System Pro Review | MLSP Review | What is MLSP?

My Lead System Pro Review | What is MLSP?

My Lead System Pro Review | What is MLSP?

Are you searching for an honest My Lead System Pro Review? I’m so glad that you found this! I know what it’s like to be bombarded by online offers of people guaranteeing that you’ll make hundreds of thousands of dollars by just posting once a day on Facebook. It seems like scams come from anywhere and everywhere.

With hundreds of marketing systems available online, it can be confusing to understand which one is best for you. My goal is to help you gain a better understanding of what MLSP is (and isn’t) so that you can make an educated decision about whether My Lead System Pro is the marketing system that you want to use to generate 20+ leads per day in your network marketing or MLM business.

I will answer the following questions:

1. What is My Lead System Pro?

2. How can MLSP help generate leads?

3. Does My Lead System Pro Work?

4. How much does My Lead System Pro Cost?

I hope that you find this My Lead System Pro review helpful!

My Lead System Pro Review | MLSP Review | MLSP Scam? | What is My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro is an attraction marketing system that was inspired by Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring. MLSP has taken the principles of attraction marketing and created a system, tools and resources, that anyone can implement, to apply the principles of attraction marketing to your own business, regardless of the business you’re in.

What I’ve found is that most people don’t have a really good understanding of what MLSP is. In fact, it took me a good 3 months to really begin to understand the power of MLSP and how I could use it to grow as a business owner.

The system itself continues to evolve so even if you’ve looked at MLSP in the past, or have even been a member, you might want to take another look. What MLSP is doing with their Mastery program is amazing and the opportunities are endless in terms of what you can do with MLSP in your back pocket. But we’ll get to that later…

My Lead System Pro Review | MLSP Review |MLSP Scam? | How Can MLSP Help Me Generate Leads?

You may be wondering how MLSP can help you generate leads for your business. Let me be clear, My Lead System Pro is not

My Lead System Pro Review | MLSP Lead Generation

My Lead System Pro Review | MLSP Lead Generation

a lead generating software or anything like that. What MLSP does is provide top notch, up to date training on Internet marketing. Looking for training on blogging, Facebook, solo ads, paid advertising? It’s all in there. In fact, any training that you could possibly need to run a successful online business is included in My Lead System Pro.

MLSP equips network marketers with the necessary tools to begin attracting their target market. Think about it…You are a magnet! Attracting your target market, those who want to know more about you and your business – to you. How would you like to become the hunted, instead of the hunter. This is the power of attraction marketing and My Lead System Pro.

What My Lead System Pro’s Mastery Program Can Do for You

As part of this My Lead System Pro review, it’s important that you understand that one fundamental principle of attraction marketing is leading with value. With My Lead System Pro’s Mastery Membership, you are given all of tools and all of the training that you need to begin leading with value, so that all of your prospects see you as an authority and an expert providing valuable information for people wanting to have online businesses.

Now, this truly is your target market. People who are business minded and want to work with you to build their business online, regardless of what that business is.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “why is this my target market?”

The answer to that question is because people who are interested in building businesses online are business minded individuals who are willing to work hard and do what it takes to be successful. Because you’ve positioned yourself as an expert and authority, your prospects are looking for a leader, someone to follow, someone to teach them how to experience success and financial freedom. Why shouldn’t this be you? Not only you, but the amazing community you have behind you at MLSP.

Click Here for your risk-free Mastery membership to MyLeadSystemPro. This risk-free membership comes with a 10-day trial period with full access to the Mastery system plus bonuses for a special price of $9.97. 

With My Lead System Pro Mastery Membership, you have the opportunity to make 100% commission on any pure profit campaign item that you sell. Yes, I typed that correctly, 100%. Not only that, for each Mastery member that you sign up, you receive $100/month for as long as they remain in Mastery. Residual income anybody?

Now, MLSP is not a business opportunity, but it is a way to add an additional income stream or profit center to your business.

The reality is that not everyone you speak to will be interested in joining your business. What they are looking for is a business opportunity that they can do online – why not be the one to provide the training, tools and the community to help them be successful online whether in your business opportunity or not.

MLSP Review | My Lead System Pro Review | MLSP Scam | Does MLSP Work? 

Yes!!! MLSP works! As evidenced by the fact that you’re here, reading this post. I’ve applied the training and have been taught by the most talented income earners in network marketing.

I will tell you quite honestly that MLSP does not work for everyone. If you’re not willing to do the work that it takes to build a business online, it will not work for you. You may as well stop reading and move on to that get rich quick scheme that just landed in your email inbox.

If you want to build You, INC, and make money applying the principles of attraction marketing while mastering the skills that it takes to generate leads and sponsor reps into your business, then MLSP will work for you.

MLSP Review | My Lead System Pro Review | MLSP Scam | How Much Does My Lead System Pro Cost?

Think of MLSP as not only an investment in your business, but an investment in YOU. Certain skills are required to successfully generate leads online and MLSP gives you those necessary skills.

If you were working on a new skill set to obtain a new job, you would invest in education. With MLSP, you can earn while you learn, immediately gaining profit from applying what you’ve learned.

Taking massive action will allow you to reap massive rewards!

The MLSP system opens up more customizable tools with each membership level. Mastery, is the highest level, allowing for complete customization of marketing funnels along with the opportunity to make the most money. If your plan is to take full advantage of MLSP, Mastery is where you want to be. At $149.00/month, it literally takes 1.5 Mastery memberships for you to break even. With 2 Mastery signups, the system completely pays for itself and you’re even in profit!

Click Here for your risk-free Mastery membership to MyLeadSystemPro. This risk-free membership comes with a 10-day trial period with full access to the Mastery system plus bonuses for a special price of $9.97. 


In my opinion, the membership level you choose is not nearly as important as you making the decision to invest in the skills that it’s going to take to catapult your business to the next level!

My Lead System Pro Review | MLSP Review

My Lead System Pro Review | MLSP Review

What I hope that you take from this My Lead System Pro review

My desire for you is to become a successful online marketer, sharing your value and content with people who are searching for you and your message. I want you to learn from my mistakes, dramatically cut your learning curve and become a successful online business builder.

I appreciate you…

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this My Lead System Pro review. I know that committing to build a business online is huge! Congratulations to you for making the decision to move forward in business and in life.

Ps. MLSP has never offered a peek into the Mastery program without paying the full $149.00. This is the perfect opportunity for you to take a full peak under the hood so that you can see everything that MLSP Mastery has to offer! Click Here


  1. says

    Fantastic review of MLSP Malia. What I love about My Lead System Pro is the community, so that you are building your business for yourself, but you are never by yourself. I do not know of many other programs that provide the support that is given with MLSP.

  2. says

    Great article Malia, im just starting my MyLeadSystem Pro journey and looking to follow in the foot steps on leaders like yourself. I have been through the instagram training and its great to see April recommending you. Im going to add you on Facebook and Google Plus so perhaps we can have a chat at some point, i would love to hear how it is all working for you

    To your continued success regards Dexter

    • says

      Hi Dexter, thank you! I’d love to chat with you. You’re going to do amazing with MLSP. I’m looking forward to watching you rise through the ranks!

    • Karen Scott-McClee says

      Hello Everyone, I am so glad that I read all the comments on this site. I just finished an amazing webinar about MLSP Mastery and I am very excited to sign up and get started.

      Thank you all for sharing!! Please look me up on FB too:-)

  3. says

    This is an incredible article review on MLSP (My Lead System Pro). I have found success using MLSP myself and highly recommend if you are reading my comment that you get started as well. Thanks again for a great article Malia!

    Nathan Argenta

  4. says

    Nice review! I think MLSP is great platform. It has great training/education, strong community, teaches you to become leader through attraction marketing and gets your biz to the next level!

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