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Managing your social media so that you get results can take time, and distractions are no help. It’s one of the worst feelings sitting down to work, getting distracted by newsfeeds, tweets, and the like to look up and realize that you’ve gotten absolutely nothing accomplished.

Here are some of the biggest time wasters on social media and how you can avoid them.

Long Social Media Content

Long and involved articles and video is a waste of time for two reasons. First, they take a long time to read or watch it. Just think of an hour-long documentary you’re thinking of sharing with your audience. Not a great use of your time.

But the other problem with long content is that it doesn’t perform as well on social media. People prefer small, “bite-sized” content.

Avoid getting sucked into long content by setting specific guideline for max length, and evaluate each piece of content you share.

Unfocussed Social Media Content

For each piece of content you create or share, ask yourself if it’s useful to your audience. Many businesses simply share things they find interesting or amusing, and this is fine as long as your audience thinks so too. But a better approach is to start by asking yourself, “How can my audience use this?”

Checking Social Media Randomly

I don’t know about you, but I find myself checking my social media throughout the day when I have down time. This is fine for personal use, but it’s important that your business social media time is focused. After all, you want to get things done and the more efficient the better.

Create specific social media times throughout the day. Set aside this time and create a routine to make the most of it. When you’re checking social media throughout the day, however, you can save things to share later or save ideas that you like.

Failing to Use Features

Finally, you could be wasting a great deal of time by failing to use the features that social media platforms offer for controlling your feed. If you’re using the same profile for personal and business, you’ll be seeing posts from old high school friends along with posts from influencers in your niche. Try segmenting your news feed into business-related and personal to streamline your time on social media.

A good way to discover your own personal time wasters is to log your social media time. Write down the times you logon, and exactly what you’re doing during those times. By tracking, it’s easy to see where you’re wasting time.

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Questions or advice for making sure your time on social media is more focused and productive? Leave a comment below!