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Wow, can you believe it’s April 2014? Time goes by crazy fast!

Now I know that you know that network marketing isn’t a “get rich over night” type of business model, right?

I know this too. But I still find myself wanting the dream lifestyle right now. Sometimes I want to throw myself on the ground, kick and scream “I want it now!”

I’ve even thought about walking away from the freedom I’ve created because the ultimate freedom is not happening fast enough.

Do you ever feel this way?

I may be alone in this feeling, but that’s ok, because the feeling is fleeting. Here one moment and gone the next. But today, I really took some time to think about it, to deal with it, and conquer it.

I’ve set 5 goals to achieve during April. Two are personal and three are business. Now I’ve got to map out a strategy to achieve each goals.

I’m sharing them with you because I’m not perfect and I want you to feel comfortable dropping in to see how I’m doing. I’ll blog about my progress throughout the month in hopes that my experience of setting and achieving goals will encourage you to do the same.

Here they are:

1. Lose 10lbs in Sisel International’s Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge (this is a personal goal).

2. Eat no fast food (this is a family goal that my husband and I have set together).

3. Add 4 new people to my network marketing business.

4. Add 10 new people to MLSP setting the foundation to hit L2 by June 30, 2014

5. Build Coffee with Malia, my new blog dedicated to helping network marketers conquer and build a business mindset.

Set Goals

I do not want to be where I am today in 30 days. It’s not acceptable.

Where will you be in 30 days? If you do nothing, you’ll be exactly where you are right now. If that’s okay with you, Amen! If not, share in the comments below where you see yourself 30 days from today!